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Dr. Guzaliya Safiullina

Bespoke surgical care from one of the UK’s most experienced retinal specialists, Dr. Guzaliya Safiullina — with a success rate 9.5% above the industry average

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My patients choose me because...

Diverse international training

I've acquired the techniques of top retinal surgeons in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany, including Professors Claus Eckardt and Grazia Pertille.

Drawing on dozens of effective techniques, I choose the best approach for your unique situation.

Outstanding success rates

I am a practicing surgeon — not a researcher. I believe real skill is acquired through hands-on action.

My intensive experience has allowed me to achieve success rates significantly higher than the industry norm — and exceptionally low complication rates.

Warm, compassionate approach

Surgery is stressful enough. I believe patients deserve understanding, empathy, and respect.

I explain everything with clarity and detail — so patients know exactly what to expect, and feel minimal anxiety or stress.

Exceptional success rates


Macular hole surgery success rate

Compared to the 95% national average


Retinal detachment macular on surgery success rate

Compared to the national 87% average


Complex retinal detachment surgery success rate

Compared to the international 60-82% average


Overall retinal detachment surgery success rate

Compared to the national 82% average

Sight is one of life’s greatest gifts


  • your vision becomes blurry or clouded
  • you struggle to see the people dearest to you
  • you experience progressive (and sometimes rapid) eyesight loss

...life feels dark and bleak

Few things are as delicate as your eyes

You’ve heard the stories of...

  • endless complications and poor outcomes
  • terrified patients who had no idea what to expect
  • arrogant consultants who had no patience to answer questions or address concerns.

You don’t really want elaborate titles or academic experts.
You don’t want consultants who spend more time in the library than in the operating theatre.

You just want...

...the most experienced surgeon with the highest success rate - a doctor who cares for your eyes as if they were her own

I can help.

I’m Dr. Guzaliya Safiullina, MBBS, FRCS — Senior Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Vitreoretinal Specialist, and Director of the London Retina Clinic, London and Cannes, France.

As a medical student, I was immediately drawn to the eye — perhaps the body’s most complex, layered, and beautiful asset.

I realized: is there anything more transformative than the power to restore sight?

Since then, retinal surgery is all I’ve done — all day, every day.

Over 16 years and 5000 patients, I’ve served local and international clients:

I’ve presented at retinal conferences around the world — including Tokyo, Edinburg, and Nice. And alongside my private practice, I’ve worked at some of England’s most prestigious private hospitals:

  • Nuffield Health Hospital Cheltenham
  • Ramsay Winfield Hospital Gloucester
  • BMI Bath Clinic


retinal operations completed to date


years of intensive niche training


number of surgeries typically required — even for complex retinal issues

My specialties

Macular hole

This common aging side effect typically causes a black patch in the central vision. It requires prompt treatment to prevent further enlargement.


These specks seem to float away before you can focus on them. A natural sign of aging, they are typically harmless but often annoying — and may interfere with your daily life.

Retinal tears or detachment

Damage to the retina is serious. It calls for rapid, expert treatment to preserve vision.


If your vision becomes cloudy or hazy — and wearing your glasses doesn’t help — this may indicate a cataract that needs to be removed.

Epiretinal membrane

This scar tissue over the retina can cause progressively deteriorating vision. It can also cause a distortion of straight lines while reading.

Diabetic retinopathy

When high blood sugar levels affect the eye’s vessels (a diabetes complication), quick & appropriate treatment will minimize permanent damage.

The expertise of multiple world- renowned specialists... from one dedicated consultant

Early in my career, I realized: there is more than one approach to every retinal problem. I didn’t want to fall into the rut of a general, one-size-fits-all approach.

I wanted to train in a wide range of techniques — so I could choose the best approach for your situation.

That's why I:

  • trained for 10 years with retinal experts in 3 different countries
  • traveled and learned in clinics & theatres across the continent
  • mastered multiple niche surgical techniques

to gain the broadest education and build a diverse skill set — and ultimately better serve you.

Step 1


We’ll meet at my London clinic, where you’ll share your symptoms and experience. I’ll examine your eyes and discuss your personalized treatment plan.

I carefully review your medical history and analyze your retinal condition from every angle. For every approach, I weigh potential gains against the small risk of complications — to ensure you get the best results possible.

Step 2


Surgeries can provoke much anxiety, especially when it comes to the eye. I want you to feel comfortable and understand exactly what to expect. I won’t leave your side until all your questions are answered.

You’ll get prepared for day surgery in the morning. The surgery takes 1.5 hours on average.

Before you’re discharged, we’ll review post-operative instructions to ensure the most comfortable recovery period.

Step 3

Follow up

You’ll return for a follow-up visit several days after the surgery.

You’ll have my personal phone number and email — direct, immediate access for any questions or concerns.

  • “A changed man”

    Since Dr. Safiullina’s successful operation, my husband has been a changed man.

    Because his eyesight failure happened gradually, neither of us had fully comprehended the true extent of his dependency.

    Such dependency was completely alien to his nature and understandably, this had an adverse effect on him mentally. Only now that he is back to normal do I realize what a gift you have restored to us!

    — Marjorie

  • “I could not have asked for more excellent care”

    It is hard to express how I felt at the prospect of losing sight in my eye - and it's equally hard to find adequate words to express my relief and gratitude for Dr. Safiullina's excellent work.

    She and her wider team supported me so very well during and after my operation. It was as though every fear had been anticpicated and I could not have asked for more excellent care.

    — Claire

  • “I felt strongly that I was in safe hands”

    I had a bad experience with my first vitrectomy (performed by another surgeon) - and therefore needed a second surgery. Given the complications from the first, I was terribly nervous - but Dr. Safiullina really put my mind to rest. I could sense her care and skill.

    During the operation, I felt strongly that I was in safe hands. Most importanly, my eye is now 100% recovered!

    — Rachel

  • “Utmost professionalism and commitment”

    I am writing to thank you for such excellent care of me during my recent eye surgeries. A macular hole is an extremely scary diagnosis, but you and your team's professionalism and commitment supported me throughout the process.

    — Heather

    Your eyes are precious. Choose well.

    A well-executed surgery ensures maximum comfort — and minimum complications.

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